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I have read this wonderful uplifting book, full of practical advise for living in this sometimes cruel world, easy reading, down to earth and most of all REAL, thank you Alan for allowing God to use you to share with us words that touch the spirit and show us how to soar like the eagle!"

Alan, Just wanted to let you know how I enjoyed your book. I found the history of the bible as we know it, and the lessons in hebrew and greek most enlightening. I have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of the story of Job for years, and your insights have really helped.

Each of us has to find Gods Truths in our lives, and I believe your book has lead me closer to some of his truths.
Thanks again for the dedication, that I know was required to write this book. Regards, Tim McNeal

Well, I finished Alan's book and I will definitely be recommending it to others. It was interesting, not boring in the least, informative, and explains so much. He says at the end, there is so much more that could be added, but for a new or non Christian or even a mature Christian, it lays things out simply. Things I had forgotten about and just needed a reminder. He did GOOD. I pray God truly blesses your family in all areas because of this book. Jackie Adams



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