Forever Together Marriage Training
Building Your Marriage on a Firm Foundation

Our Journey

We've been together since way back when. Well, actually 1976 to be exact. We married in 1978 while Alan was serving in the US Army. In 1980 we moved to Germany and had our daughter, Hillary, in Stuttgart in 1981. Joey came along in 1985 and Jamie in 1987 and this completed our family. Janice was a stay at home mom and Alan has worked at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard since 1987. From 1991 to 2004 Janice was a secretary at Family Worship Center. In 1996 Alan & Janice founded Forever Together. Forever Together is built upon the foundation that God intended for husbands and wives. God's desire is to hold up each marriage as a trophy as a testimony of what He can do in our lives. We would like to be a part of making your marriage a trophy that you value and are proud to be a part of. Thus, you also can be used as a tool to help others become a trophy marriage.

We just celebrated our 45th anniversary. Time has flown for us. It is hard to remember all the good times and we are thankful it is hard to remember the bad times. We have learned to be less selfish and live with caring and understanding. It makes each of us happy to be able to bring joy to other. We have fun, laugh, and love together. We continue to learn because this keeps us growing closer and having more fun and joy in our relationship. Learning, growing, and changing are the life of marriage. We are excited to continue in the journey. We talked about it and both decided another 30 years would be great. But that would make us really old.

We always try to celebrate marriage and anniversaries and each other. We would like to encourage you to set aside special times to celebrate your marriage, life, and future. Take time on purpose to build each other up, have fun, and relax. Keeping your marriage a priority helps make it a better marriage. A better marriage makes happier people. Happier people make a happier marriage.

We are retired from the workforce. We definitely enjoy retirement and spending our days together. Its a new phase in our journey and a good one. We spent a life enjoying our days and building for our future days. We continue to build on that.